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Foot Massager Buying Guide

There’s nothing better than relaxing and taking care of your body after a long day at work. Thanks to a nice Foot Massager, you will have no problem achieving the much-needed state of relaxation. Also, a Foot Massager will allow you to deal with any skeletal diseases, join and muscle problems very fast. the Foot Massagers play a major role in reflexology and they can allow you to identify and remove pressure points very fast.

Types of Foot Massagers

  • Spa Massagers: These are electric models and they harness the power of heat and water in order to deliver some extraordinary therapeutic benefits as fast as possible. Most of the time, the spa massagers are feature-packed and they can deliver a plethora of great benefits. Another thing to note about this type of Foot Massager is that the size is larger when compared to other models in this list. On the other hand, it’s the larger size that makes travelling with these models very difficult to begin with. If you have chronic pain, you can get a manual foot massager and a spa massager can be used to complement the treatment when necessary.
  • Electric foot massagers: These electric models are designed to offer automatic massaging on the fly. The electric foot massagers are using an oscillating mechanism or a rolling mechanism. The user has to place both of his feet on the device and then he has to turn it on. There are some electric foot massagers like rolling massagers that will offer a different massage to each portion of your foot. If you opt for the models that oscillate, then you should know that these are great for your foot’s soft tissue.
  • Multiple roller Foot Massager: This is a type of manual foot massager that includes a roller system. Its main purpose is to help you massage the bottom of the foot at a single time. It’s usually created from wood and it has rollers that are placed in a frame. You can massage a single foot at a time or multiple ones, depending on your needs. The idea here is that you place your foot/feet inside and then you just have to press on the massager. You will need to opt for a back and forth motion. You can choose to vary the roller pressure if you want a great experience.
  • Manual foot massagers: These are some of the simplest Foot Massager models on the market. They tend to have a simple tube at the bottom and the user has to place that under his feet. If you want to use this Foot Massager, you will need to rotate the tube on the floor for the entirety of your foot. You can choose to focus on certain areas, but if you want to do that you will need to have a limited approach!
  • Foot massage sandals: Foot massage sandals are great to use especially by people that have to deal with lower back pains and foot pains. These have integrated, small massage units designed to offer support for your feet. They can also maintain your feet cool and dry when necessary!

Important considerations

Foot Massagers can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you have to try and find the right model to suit your needs. You have to consider the following when you want to purchase a new Foot Massager:

  • Some models are cordless, others are not. Usually, it can be a good idea to opt for a cordless model but this convenience might increase the price quite a bit. If your budget can handle it, you should check it out
  • Speed controls are a very important feature and we recommend you to opt for a model with multiple speeds. This way you can operate it in any way you want.
  • Don’t hesitate to purchase a manual Foot Massager if you have a low budget. Although they require an extra effort, the value you receive from them is very good.
  • Make sure that you opt for a lightweight model. You want a model that’s portable and very easy to carry around. This way you never have to worry about anything and results can be worth it.
  • There are some models which offer infrared heating. This is an extra feature which is added by the premium Foot Massager models, but it can help circulate heat through your entire body. It’s the perfect feature for those that want to lower muscle pains.
  • Touch controls are getting more and more common for a Foot Massager, however they aren’t necessary.
  • You can opt for a model with water jets. Usually this feature is found even in the least expensive models and it can be very helpful if you want to increase blood circulation.
  • If you have the opportunity to get a Foot Massager model with a cushioned surface where you place your feet, you should definitely consider doing that. This delivers the extra comfort you need and the value you receive is second to none.

Review highlights

According to the numerous customer reviews we found online, we found a few common things that popped up all the time for every Foot Massager:

  • The Foot Massagers are very convenient and they will help you relax after a very long day at work. They are designed as the ultimate tool for relaxation.
  • Therapeutic: you can find many foot massagers that deliver great therapeutic features. From alleviating foot muscle pain to delivering great treatments, a foot massager can be very helpful!
  • Most Foot Massagers are very easy to carry around and they do deliver a great amount of Portability
  • You can find various Styles that you can pick from, be it manual or automatic

Top brands

  • Homedics – Homedics is a healthcare brand founded in 1987 and one of their main targets is to offer customers wellness products they can rely on. They harness the latest technologies in order to deliver a very good value at accessible prices.
  • Belmint – Belmint is a brand focused on offering convenient solutions designed to deliver comfort and a better life quality for all users. From foot massage to electronic pulse massagers, Belmint can offer all of that and so much more.
  • MedMassager – MedMassager is a North Carolina-based brand that has constantly delivered professional massage solutions for the past 30 years. The MedMassager products are FDA certified. The company delivers premium products focused on quality and affordability!

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