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Buying Guide for Karaoke Machines

In the last four decades, Karaoke Machines have become hugely popular and can be found in homes, pubs and bars. In fact, a karaoke machine can fit in any place where people can come together and sing to accompanying music and have fun.

Karaoke machines allow the singers to sing the choicest songs with accompanying music while the lyrics are seen on a screen. In addition to providing unending fun at parties, get-togethers and weddings, karaoke machines also make superb gifts to discerning singers. Karaoke machines come in different ranges from simple affordable ones to highly advanced expensive ones. Any purchase decision simply depends upon the features that one is looking for and his budget.

Types of Karaoke Machines

Many types of karaoke machines are available in the market, both in the brick and mortar one and also online. A look at various types of karaoke machines makes it easier to decide which one you would like to go for.

  • Microphone karaoke machines – These are microphones programmed with songs. You simply connect this microphone to your television and the lyrics get projected on the screen. Some microphone karaoke machines have built in monitors which display the lyrics on the microphone itself. These can be connected to your stereo system. Some microphone karaoke machines operate on batteries too. Microphone karaoke machines are portable. Though hundreds of songs are programmed into the microphone, you can also buy additional cartridges with songs to stay up to date.
  • Pocket Karaoke Machines – These handheld portable devices can hold thousands of songs in the MP3 format in addition to video tracks. Once you select the song on the LCD screen, you can connect it to your television where the lyrics are projected. A digital voice recorder or mixer for adjusting volume and echo levels are optional purchases with such karaoke machines.
    MP3 Karaoke Machines are compatible with your smartphone or USB. They come with microphone and remote. Such a system essentially needs a monitor or large screen to read the lyrics. You can have access to the latest songs even before the albums are released.
  • CD Karaoke Machines – As the name suggests, CD Karaoke Machines use CDs which can hold thousands of songs with an option to buy additional discs. These can be connected to your television. You can also connect additional amplifiers for better sound quality.
  • All-In-One Karaoke Machines – All-In-One Karaoke Machines come with a microphone, speakers, a CD player and an MP3 hard drive. You can connect it to your television where the lyrics are projected. The music cartridge contains thousands of songs and additional cartridges can be purchased to stay up to date with the latest music. These machines are less portable as compared to others.

Important considerations before you choose your Karaoke Machine

Once you have given a look to the different types of karaoke machines that are available today, you will have to look at the features too. Features which one type of karaoke machine or brand offers would differ vastly from those that are being offered by others. Important points to be considered before you finalize as to which karaoke machine is best for you are given below:

  • Audio Quality – A high audio quality would make even a mediocre singer sound good. Higher end machines offer voice projection and manual controls for sound elements like pitch, tone and bass. While you may not go for the most expensive and latest equipment, audio quality is an important feature to be borne in mind.
  • Video graphics – Different graphics or background images are available for different age groups. You should choose these carefully keeping the user profile in mind. At times, choosing the lyrics only option may be ideal.
  • Portability – While more portable ones may be the right choice for children and teenagers, less portable but higher quality karaoke machines may be ideal for the older people.
  • Rating feature – Rating feature is not a standard item with most karaoke machines and may often cost extra. This fun feature allows you to see if you are making any progress with your singing. Progressively higher ratings are motivation enough for an upcoming serious singer.
  • Song Database – Song Database or use of CDs or chips for music selection is an important factor as well. Depending upon your personal preference and the cost factor, you can decide which option suits you best.
  • Durability – While this may not be an important factor for children and teenagers, the older lot of buyers opting to go for more expensive karaoke machines may find this relevant.
  • Accessories – Amplifiers and connectors for connecting your karaoke machine to a laptop, desktop or car radio are popular accessories which many buyers consider while finalizing their purchase.

Review Highlights

Consumers’ reviews scanned by us revealed the following top things mentioned by therein:

  • Sound Quality – Crisp, clean sound which was loud enough to reach every nook and corner of the room or to all the people in an open space was something which most consumers were particular about.
  • Connectivity – Digital connectivity for expanded sound and easy connectivity with the consumers’ guitars or keyboards was another point considered by the reviewing consumers.
  • Microphone – A microphone which could hide minor vocal flaws is rated higher by the users.
  • Portability – The more portable a karaoke machine was, happier were the users, particularly the younger lot.

Top Brands

The following brands emerged as the top brands in the karaoke machine market:

  • ION – ION Audio was founded in 2003 to bring to you the latest cutting edge technology to revolutionize the music industry. ION is known the world over for its high-tech products which give immense pleasure to music enthusiasts.
  • Singtrix – Singtrix co-founders John Devecka and Eric Berkowitz are both exceptionally brilliant entrepreneurs. They haven’t got tempted by very attractive offers for equity sharing and continue in their stride to give exemplary karaoke machines to their customers.
  • Electrohome – The company was founded in 1907. It was the leading manufacturer of television sets in Canada from 1949 to 1984. It was wound up in 2008. In 2010, the Electrohome brand was acquired by a division of Circus World Displays Limited.
  • Singing Machine – The Singing Machine Company is listed as a public company. It is a very well known name in karaoke and musical instruments field and is involved in development, production, marketing and distribution activities for these products.

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